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Qingdao Fundchem’s expert workstation of new material for polymerization was approved by Qingdao Shibei district government

Promulgator: fangda    Send date: 2015-07-20 14:10


                                            Recently, employed by Qingdao Human Resources and Social Security, our colleague Mr. Zengtao was employed as the inbound specialist of Qingdao expert workstation of new material for polymerization.( based on the company: Qingdao Fundchem Co.,Ltd.)

Expert workstation is around the needs of our city’s economic and social development, it is an expert technical service institutions by the government guidance, expert direction, enterprise (industry or region) leading, based on common interests and operated by market.

The main purpose for the establishment of expert workstation is to build a high-level experts flexible flow platform, to enhance the the science and technology innovation ability of enterprises (industry or region), to promote combination of study and research, to form the normative system and good mechanism by high level experts directly involved in economic construction, to service for the enterprise and high-level experts.

      It is different from the produce-study-research mode usually by R & D units to send food home, the motive power of establishing expert workstation is from the actual needs of enterprises, namely expert workstation’s order right is determined by the enterprise. "In fact, the University's research and development projects don’t have high purpose, but in the expert workstation, the enterprise will ask, so the research and development will be more clearly." In the operation of the expert workstation, there are not only experts, but also other resources, such as patent technology and their own team. Under the guidance of experts, they could absorb experts to equip the echelon team composed of experts, they have independent intellectual property rights achievements, promote scientific and technological achievements.

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