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Congratulations Qingdao Fundchem Co., LTD successfully listed

Promulgator: fangda    Send date: 2015-01-09 16:48

On afternoon of December the 16th, accompanied by the Qingdao blue ocean equity trading hall roar of the bell, Qingdao Fundchem Co., Ltd is becoming the four board listing enterprises, stock code 800119, enterprises gong opened, successfully landed on the capital market.

As the flame retardant, polymer stabilizers, advanced composite materials enterprises, we have "four advantages": (1) the technical advantage, (2) the advantages of cooperation partners, (3) the geographical advantage, (4) the stable team advantage. And enterprises are to realize a new leap in the norms of governance structure, expand the scale of operation, strengthening technology innovation, expand financing channels, to undertake various aspects of social responsibility, let us also laid the foundation for directional higher levels of market development.

Founded in 2007 as the Fundchem, ice capital market, for enterprise development to a certain stage, with certain conditions, to seek faster development, must through the listing to enter the capital market, from single product operation to the product management and capital operation combining the development route, then realize the extension and expansion. We will continue to grow, the equity market has become another peak to climb for Fundchem, as a new starting point for the industry’s leading enterprises. The gong listed in Qingdao ocean equity trading center, will for the company to achieve capital appreciation capital pricing and lay a solid foundation for the future, and to the new over-the-counter, gem and even higher levels of capital market again sounded the clarion call.

What is the "four board" market

"Four board", also known as Regional OTC market, together with the new over-the-counter for OTC market, to form the distinction between main board, small board and the gem of the stock exchange market. At present, the country has set up more than 20 regional equity trading center. "Four board" is to provide more local small and micro enterprises equity trading and financing, bond transfer and other services, to help the region’s primary and secondary micro enterprise unscrambles the problems of funds, to attract private capital, is an important part of the multi-level capital market in China. But "four board" and the new OTC market, there are less active on the trade issue, and usually have a higher capital requirements for individual investors, temporarily unable to deal in real time, mostly is the transfer agreement. For listed enterprises hardly set rigid financial threshold, mainly to information disclosure. 

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