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From polyolefins and styrenics, to engineering thermoplastics, FUNDCHEM’s flame retardant, polymer stabilizers manage to fit your needs.

Our flame retardants reduce or eliminate flammability of products such as circuit boards, electronic appliances, wiring, insulation, furniture foam. Polymer stabilizers offers excellent performance in oxygen anti-aging and light anti-aging.


FUNDCHEM FRmaster-75 series specially are used for Insulation materials Expandable polystyrene(EPS) board and Extruded polysterene(XPS)board with high cost performance.


Polybutylene terephthalate (PBT) and polyethylene terephthalate (PET) engineering resins are high molecular weight, high performance materials used for a wide range of applications in automotive, electrical and electronic, appliance, and industrial equipment applications. PBT / PET are often used in mineral or glass filled grades. Their high crystallinity and low melt viscosity means that they are ideally suited for injection moulding complex parts which require high strength, good dimensional stability, and insulation properties. Therefore, PBT / PET are used in connectors, switches, relays, bobbins, and sockets where they have displaced the traditional thermoset moulding compounds.


ABS is used where somewhat higher impact strength and other engineering properties are required. It gives a good surface appearance and therefore has applications in computer housings and office machine housings and components.

PC/ABS alloys are engineering thermoplastics based on mechanical blends of polycarbonate 90–60% with ABS 10–40%.

PC/ABS combines the greater heat resistance of polycarbonate with the improved processibility of ABS.


Polyamides used as engineering thermoplastics are highly crystalline linear condensation polymers known as nylons. Polyamides are noted for their outstanding physical properties, high tensile strength, resistance to creep, abrasion, chemical and heat resistance. For some applications they are glass-fiber or mineral-filled to increase strength or reduce warping and increased dimensional stability.


Polyolefins are often the choice of materials for a broad spectrum of applications with low cost and ease of processing. It uses in Electrical &Electronic cover, package, textile, Gas pipe etc. Fundchem supplys specially for polyolefins flame retardant.


The most widely used epoxy resin application is in the manufacture of printed circuit boards for computers and other electronic applications.


Styrene-butadiene rubber (SBR) the largest generic varieties of synthetic rubber, is also one of the earliest industrial production of rubber. It is a random copolymer of butadiene and styrene. The performance of their physical structure,the processing performance and applicable performance close to natural rubber, some properties such as wear-resistant, heat-resistant, anti-aging and vulcanization speed is more excellent than natural rubber, used widely the field for the production of tires, tape, hose, wire and cable, medical instruments, and a variety of rubber products.

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